Outdoor Learning through Greenwood Construction Project

As you may know, I have recently been granted planning permission to build a number of structures that will help develop the infrastructure of the site, these eco-friendly structures will enhance the learning environment on the land for students.

Most importantly, I have been in contact with several local schools who I am excited to say, will be involved in this project as part of their curriculum enrichment programme, and to offer wider learning opportunities for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

I will be taking these students to the site in groups of around 10. Together we will be building the structures from the ground up. The students will be involved in all aspects of the build, using hand tools and practical skills. They will learn vital life skills, which are not necessarily offered in a classic class room environment, including working in teams, problem solving, cognative skills, the application of geometry and maths into a work environment.

We have been granted permission to erect a 9 metre roundhouse, a log cabin, a compost toilet block and a storage barn. Students of secondary school age will be invited to bring their own ideas to the project and all areas of development on the project will be open for discussion and debate at any time. The plans for the project can be seen here (http://apps.westdevon.gov.uk/PlanningSearchMVC/Home/Details/170080).

We have got to this point with a lot of hard work and support from our fantastic network of family and friends, now we need some extra help financially to get the project going

Please learn more about this project by following the link below, spread the word and support if you can.


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