About Us


In 1984 my parents - Valerie and David Belsey - purchased a 7 acre piece of land near Cornworthy, Allaleigh Bottom. Only accessable via a green lane and situated in a valley, this meadow, orchard and hillside woodland was quickly turned into an education centre where young and old could learn about the local heritage, wildlife and ecology. Now I have settled back in the area I want to re-establish the centre. 


I want to combine this special place from my childhood with my own passion for the natural world by continuing to run fun, educational events and using the land as intended: as an inspirational place for people to learn. We now have permission for a 9 metre diameter roundhouse, a kitchen and dining lodge, compost toilets and a storage barn that will add much needed infrastructure and allow us to run building courses to create the structures that will form our inspirational learning spaces

The Greenlanes Centre


We will be running a number of building courses at the Greenlanes Centre as we build our facilities - in fact some of these will be to build our learning spaces! Please check out the courses available

The Greenlanes Centre is currently running a number of family days throughout the year led by Valerie and her son George. "Messing about in the River" and "Building a Bug Hotel" are fun and educational days where Valerie works her magic to enthral the children as she has for the last 30 years.